Wednesday, February 9, 2011

good cholesterol and a good deed

i went to my family doc this morning to follow up on my bloodwork. good news, my 'bad' cholesterol level isn't that bad, score. and as for the low iron, he told me to take iron pills a few times a week, not every day. and more around a certain time of the month or if i am donating blood. so, YAY for that!

after my appointment, i rewarded myself with a large diet coke from mcdonalds, because they are amazing,

TANGENT: fun fact! do you know why mcdonald's drinks taste so delicious compared to other restaurants fountain drinks? they keep their syrup stored in the fridge. you learned something new today. you're welcome.

ANYWAY, i went inside because the drive thru is ridiculous and ordered my diet coke and an oatmeal sans fruit (also delicious).

as i was paying, a woman came up and was asking the manager about nutritional information. they were looking on the back of the tray paper, and he couldn't find what she was asking for. he said that he would 'go in the back' and find out for her. as he walked away, she said, 'i really just need to know the carbs.' am i the only one drawn to this? i immediately thought 'diabetic!' so i turned to her and said, 'what are you trying to figure out the carb amount for? i'm diabetic so i know the totals for some things they have.'
her: oh! the cinnamon melts. my husband is diabetic also.
me: hmm, i don't know those off hand. it's always hard to figure out the really tasty stuff!
her: oh yes, hopefully he can tell me!

so i filled my drink, came back and picked up my oatmeal, told her good luck, we exchanged the 'have a nice day' bit, and was on my way. as i was leaving, i heard the manager telling her that they usually have the information on the boxes but for some reason it wasn't on the cinnamon melt box, but they could call the 800 number to find out. um, hello pain in the ass.

now, from experience, i know how shitty it can be if you eat something and SWAG (don't we all?), so when i got to my car, i looked in my calorie king book. i was sure it would be there. they weren't under breakfast foods (i bet that's where the manager looked on the sheet, i would have) but they WERE under 'desserts and cookies'. of course.

so i hauled ass back in mcdonalds and found them at their table. 'hi again, i hope you don't think i'm crazy, i keep this book in my purse and found the cinnamon melts.'
'oh great!' she said.
'they have 66 carbs.'
'thank you!' her husband said, 'what book is that?'
i told him it was calorie king, and the wife reminded him they had it at home.

they said thank you again, and i was on my way. as i got to the door, he called out, 'i only ate half! so that means, only 33 carbs!'

it's the little things in life. i was happy to help them and i totally understood his pleasure of using less insulin because he only ate half. :)

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