Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i like your pager

last night my man and i had our valentine's day date night, and while we were out we stopped somewhere so he could pay a bill.

while i was waiting and not really paying attention, he said to the girl working (who was probably 17), 'i like your pager.' her response was, 'what??' and i turned to look.

the thoughts i immediately had in my head were she must have an insulin pump or she really has a pager because he now has one for his job and we joke about it.

when i looked over i saw her blue animas pump clipped on the outside of her pocket. like a total diabetes nerd, i lifted up my jacket and showed her my pump in my pocket. 'I HAVE ONE TOO!' (nerd. alert.) 'oh really? do you use animas or medtronic?'

my man looked at us confused. he doesn't know all the medical brands so he had no idea what we were talking about.

i told her that i have the animas ping, and she had an envious reaction; the ping came out a few months after she got her current pump. then we talked about CGMs and what features our new pumps might have.

my man stood there, paying attention, with a somewhat confused look. he knows what the pump does and how it works, but not all about the different brands, features, etc.

oh yeah, it was a total diabetes nerd moment. and also, hilarious.

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i like your pager.


  1. I've never met someone else with a pump that's our age but I did have an encounter with a little girl at a JDRF event..she was pretty shy about showing anyone her pump that was asking her questions so I pulled mine out and showed her. She couldn't believe I had a pump too! She had an omnipod which had been bedazzled to the max!!

  2. It's ok to be geeky sometimes.
    The first time I went with my hubby to his asthma doc, I saw the tubing coming out of a cellphone holder. I looked at him and asked "So what kind of insulin pump do you use?" and pointed to his pump. He looked at me and smiled and said "Deltec Cosmo. How did you know what it was?" And then I showed him mine (An Accu-chek Spirit at the time). Then he told us how he was dx'd his first year of college at The Citidel. He's well into his 50's now. My husband said he had never seen his pump before and never knew he was a diabetic.
    It's weird how we automatically pick those things out and just go geeky-excited.