Tuesday, February 1, 2011


you all know how excited i was to go to the endocrinologist consultation i had today.

so they called and asked if i could come a few minutes early, which was fine. i drove the whole 38 seconds it takes me to get to the office from mine, go in, go to sign in and read on the sheet:

Doctor does not work with insulin pumps. 

i thought to myself, hmm, that's weird. i'll have to ask her about that. but as i was waiting, texting my sister about it and being already frustrated, thinking more and more about how this doctor/patient relationship would work, she said 'would it even be worth seeing her? if she doesn't treat people with insulin pumps?'

so i asked the receptionist if it was worth my time.
'oh, you have an insulin pump?'
'yes, i didn't know she didn't work with them them until i got here and saw that. is it a waste of my money and her time to see her then?'
'yeah, probably, let me go check.'

she disappeared and came back with someone else. i explain that i'm looking for a new office, they suggested the office i'm leaving (go figure), i told them no, they suggested my old endo that doesn't take my new insurance and is retiring in a few years. she finally got out a book and copied information of two doctors to call. they apologized, told me the doctor 'felt bad' when she saw my chart and figured i use a pump - i never saw her anywhere in the office. 

my copay was refunded and i left.

i felt defeated.

i called one of the suggested doctors - the info pages had their pictures. she looked young, which is one thing i'm looking for, someone i can stay with who isn't going to retire in 5 years (and have to go through this process again).

the woman who answered was asking a bunch of questions before i could ask about pumps, and then she said 'do you use an insulin pump?'
'yes, i was going to ask about that'
'oh, okay, our office is not equipped to treat patients with pumps yet.'
'let me see if i can give you some other options.'
she named the office i'm leaving. and another one that doesn't take my insurance. and one who got horrible reviews online.

february is awesome so far.


  1. What the crap? Seriously? Why, why would you not want to work with pumps as an endo? And if you don't, why would you not tell people when they call to make an appointment?

    You deserve a vacation, friend!

  2. Meredith, I'm so sorry. This blows. :(

  3. Why would an endo's office not work with pumps? It's not like it's a new technology. How strange. And what a terrible waste of your time.

  4. Yes, you deserve a vacation...and you also deserve a good endo. I wonder if treating patients with pumps requires special certification or something?

  5. i never even thought 'not treating patients with pumps' was an option! and today, i found TWO offices like that.

  6. I had no idea there were endos out there who didn't treat Type 1s with insulin pumps... that's like, well, I can't come up with a great analogy right now, but it's like saying you care for people who cannot walk, but not those who use wheelchairs... it's just, well, strange and wrong.

  7. I didn't know that endos didn't know how to work with pumps either. Even the old school endo I see who insists the dawn phenomenon is a myth works with pumps. Why is it so hard to find good endos? This kind of pisses ME off so I can't even imagine how you are feeling. So lame.