Monday, February 7, 2011

my first guest blogger: allison

i've known allison since i was in high school. we were roommates in college, sorority sisters and she's been one of my best friends ever since.  to say we know each other well is a slight understatement. :)

one of allison's fave pics of us

I went to high school with Meredith. We were in class together, worked on projects together. Senior year, I went to Western Kentucky University for a tour with the parentals and ran into Meredith! This was soon before her diagnosis. As outgoing as I am now, I wasn't when I was 17, so when Meredith popped the question "want to be roommates?" I jumped at the chance! What I did know of Meredith was that she was funny and nice and I knew NO ONE going to Western so this was my chance. I said yes!

My first experience with diabetes was when she showed me her pump (sounds dirty, I know, but it's not) and the giant needle I may or may not have to stick her with if her blood sugar got too low. What a fun introduction to college! I also got the privilege to "stick" Meredith when changing her pump since she went through a time when she was super nervous to do so. Now she's a pro!

Before I met Meredith all I knew about diabetes was from my aunt: that she gave herself insulin injections and her pancreas was LAME! Now I know a lot more and thanks to Meredith, I'm more cognizant that there NEEDS to be more awareness for diabetes and the proper care.

And as I'm sure is her hope, I hope there is a cure in our lifetime. I'm proud to be labeled a 'type 3' and a support system to such a great friend!

 oh shit, how'd this picture sneak in there? ;)

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