Friday, June 7, 2013

a colorful event

tomorrow i'm participating in the color run with a few friends and my mom. i can't WAIT!!

i got my white shirt, white socks and white wristbands ... for what? my sweaty wrists? nope.

i did the dirty girl mud run last summer and i taped saran wrap around my arm to cover my dexcom sensor. it kept the mud out, but there was so much condensation it made the sensor lose sticky.

saran wrap = dexcom cover

so tomorrow i'm going to try something more breathable - enter sweatbands. i hope it works, i'll let ya know.

i'm also taking a plastic baggie to put my dexcom in so it doesn't become a rainbow (even though that would be really fun). 


let the countdown begin!


  1. I think the Color Run looks like so much fun!

    Good luck tomorrow! Please report back on how the sweatbands work.

    1. thanks!! i will definitely let you know :D

  2. If you value something make certain it is covered with plastic or saran wrap! The color made it through EVERY layer of clothing I had on... I was very... colorful... Even my phone, which was tucked in my bra came out blue!

  3. I did the Color Run with Martin Wood (@woodonwheels) a few months ago. Yes I was COMPLETELY covered in color by the end. However it is just cornstarch - so if you can manage not to get it wet (the cornstarch that is) it does wipe off easily. I washed my clothes that night and was SHOCKED when they came out perfectly white!!!

  4. I read that as 'the Hippiest' 5K before clicking on the picture to embiggen it. I'm sticking by what I originally read.