Thursday, June 20, 2013

i love social media.

i love the internet and social media for a variety of reasons. time-killing, informative, funny, scary, educational, friendly, entertaining ... the list could go on of course. discovering the DOC was a great addition to my life and added to my circle of friends, friends who related to me, living with diabetes.

one thing happened this week that made me really love the internet a lot. i've mentioned before when talking about dr. awesome how i had a fantastic nurse pratitioner when i was diagnosed. and i mentioned how she left the office a while back because she moved.

well, thank you facebook. i took a shot in the dark and looked up her name - which i have done in the past, with no success. this week, i found her. and sent her a message.

yesterday, she accepted my friend request. and commented on my status, asking me to catch her up on the last 7-8 years of my life. haha :) hard to do that in a facebook comment, so i told her i'd love to chat or email ... fingers crossed - and she might even stumble upon this blog when i share the link on facebook!

i bet she'll remember how much she misses dr. awesome. ;)

this is unrelated but hilarious. thank you internet.

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