Monday, June 10, 2013

the color run!

we did it! there was very little running involved (i did jog through the first color station, which was not a great choice because it made my legs hurt).

it was tons of fun, i'd do it again for sure!

the big question everyone wanted to know about ... did the sweatband wrapped around my dexcom sensor work to keep it clean?

on my left arm ... not a longer sleeve. cut open wristband to cover my sensor!

covered in color! 

all clean!
it worked like a charm, didn't slip off, didn't have any condensation like the plastic wrap i used for the mud run. i'd say it was a success! and i'll be keeping that wristband for any future color runs i might decide to participate in. :) 

my team!

the unicorn. runicorn. for real. 

my team throwin' colors

mom ran the 5k, then walked back to find us and walked half of it again! 

i highly recommend doing this 5k!


  1. Yay! Color Runs are fun!!

    Even when you walk like you and I! :D

  2. This event looks really cool and fun! I hope i experience this one day. I can't know coz of my diabetes issues, I know one day when i get better i will surely join this kind of events.