Tuesday, June 18, 2013

diabetes at the pool.

you may remember that one of the lifeguards at the pool we go to has an insulin pump.

we finally got to go to the pool last weekend - and it was lovely. the lifeguard wasn't working, but she was there enjoying the day - with her pink pump on! i never thought my diabetes experience at the pool would branch out farther than seeing her pump while she worked.

a few hours into our stay, a woman came up and asked me if i was wearing a new pump on my arm or a CGM - i explained that it is my dexcom ... as she pulled up her tankini to show me her omnipod on her stomach.

we had a nice little chat about pumps and CGMs along with how it works (or doesn't...) with my pump and how she's considering getting one.

i never would have known that she has diabetes if she didn't approach me - and now i'll always say hi when i see her at the pool.

it's like the real life #doc.

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