Wednesday, June 5, 2013

pickles and diabetes.

a few weekends ago, my husband and i checked out the flea market that was set up at the local expo center.

as usual (she says while she hasn't had her dexcom on since last week), i had my dexcom on my arm and was wearing a short sleeved shirt, so of course it was on display ... we'll get back to that.

my husband is a pickle fan, so while i was checking out the garden flags (priorities.) he went over to this big trailer with a huge sign that read 'PICKLES!' ok maybe it didn't have that exact wording, but let me sum something up for you.

i don't like pickles. i also don't like bacon but that's a story for another day. 

i wandered over and he was sampling all kinds of pickled items, not just regular ol' pickles. relishes, sauces ... and then i found something i liked, SALSA. it was delicious! meadowcroft farm, you are awesome. my favorite salsa was mango ...yum.

as i was trying the salsas, the lovely gentleman working said he didn't mean to be nosy, but he used to be a medical professional and wanted to know what was on my arm. of course, i don't mind when people ask, so we had a fun little chat about CGMs, insulin pumps, injections, non-responsible people with diabetes that he saw in his career that made him sad, successful healthy people he saw... you get the idea.

in the meantime, the husband is still tasting samples. i wandered down and the man working that he was talking to asked if i had tried any. NOPE. i don't like pickles.

i got the 'these aren't like pickles at the grocery' speech ... i was skeptical, but i decided to be adventurous (deciding to sample pickles is adventurous? don't be jealous of my exciting life). he asked me a bunch of questions about foods and flavors i liked, and i sampled some pickles! some pickled fruits (pickled peaches?! AMAZING.) and some others ... some pickles tasted like cinnamon. some were sweet. some tasted like what i would say is a regular pickle but it was actually pretty decent. i might actually eat one again - but not the kind you buy from the grocery store.

the family from meadowcroft farm was incredibly nice and even gave us some samples that were hidden behind all the jars. they follow all the family recipes that their grandmother used, now they just make more of it. in case you're wondering, they didn't pay me to do a review, they may never know i posted this. i just really thought it was that good! and i tried something new and they told me they were proud of me. woop woop!

baby steps people, baby steps.

i like pickles!
we ended up buying mango salsa, german pickles and jalapeno & mustard sauce.
it's all really tasty - i wish meadowcroft farm was closer!


  1. Loooove pickled peaches! Haven't had one in years, but you just brought back a flood of memories from my childhood. Good for you for trying something new.

  2. All I got from this was that you don't like bacon. So sad.