Thursday, June 6, 2013

a new kind of medicine

we recently had an event where many of our departments created pieces to display some of the services they provide.

the pharmacy showcased how they have the means to provide different types of prescriptions ... and they did it in a fun way, putting skittles in fake prescription cases. IMPORTANT NOTE: this event was for adults. i would never EVER give kids (or anyone for that matter) candy out of a prescription bottle or package nor did anyone take these displays. let's all be responsible adults please and thank you.

we brought the displays back to our office and of course snacked on the skittles that were used (i mean, why waste perfectly good skittles?) ... ALSO. semi-related, i was told that green skittles are no longer lime. they're now APPLE flavored. i'm not a fan of apple flavored candy. no thank you ... anyway - a coworker asked if i wanted some, and i said, 'oh! i should keep some in my office, skittles are good for low blood sugar.'

her response, 'it really is like medicine for you!' ... so true! my blood sugar was low this afternoon and i had some of the skittles ... it really is like medicine for a low. :)

delicious, delicious medicine.

what do you like when you're low (besides glucose tabs and gel...)?

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