Monday, June 24, 2013

a fundraising challenge!

my diaversary is coming up on wednesday. wow. already 13 years? where does the time go? (bring on the red velvet celebration cake/cupcakes/i'mnotpicky!)

this weekend, i registered my friends and family team for the local jdrf walk to cure diabetes. at the time, it didn't register with me (no pun intended, although i do love a good pun. SCORE!) that it was so close to my diaversary ... but i thought i'd tie in a fun way to challenge myself to collect donations for a cause so near and dear to me. 

i'd like to get 13 donations (no set amount, every little bit helps!) before the end of wednesday. i have three donations so far (thank you emilee, denise and jeanne!). i know i can do it! i've witnessed and thanked my family and friends as they've come through in a huge way in past years, and i'm confident i can meet and surpass my fundraising goal this year too.

if you'd like to make a donation, visit my personal fundraising page at

this year's walk is august 24, so i have a little time to raise money for the cause, but i'm kicking it off with a fun goal! celebrating this 13th year in a fun way - benefiting the organization that benefits me and my friends who live with the disease. 

cheers (and thank you in advance)!

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