Friday, June 21, 2013

share your sunnies link up (a non-d post)

for funsies, it's a non-diabetes post. :)  what a perfect way to start summer (TODAY!! first day of summer!)! i'm linking up with holly (who is hilarious and has a non-diabetes blog) to share my sunglasses!

these are my totally-awesome-super-expensive-name-brand-don't-scratch-them-sunnies.

get serious.

they're my totally awesome CHEAP sunglasses that are CHEVRON that i got in nashville!! $10, baby. and i never buy expensive sunglasses because the minute i do, they break.

perfect example? i got some nice brand name sunglasses at tjmaxx (so they were still only $20 but that is a lot for me to spend on sunglasses, i am a target sunglasses person). a few weeks after having them and throwing the receipt away, the side piece broke off.

i'll stick to my cheapies that are plastic and don't break easily.


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