Thursday, January 27, 2011


this morning i had to go have fasting labwork. good thing the vein in my right arm is used to this.

i must admit, i was a little (when i say little, i kind of mean a lot) nervous when i got the phone call about it yesterday. my family doctor's office called and said they got my bloodwork from my endo appointment earlier this month (didn't know they sent them to him but that rocks) and he wants to do a more extensive test.

i called back and nervously asked why they wanted to do the test (and have a follow up appointment) and the sweet girl i talked to explained that my LDL cholesterol was higher than the 'good' range so he just wanted to do a little more thorough test.

gulp. i don't know anything about having high cholesterol, i've never heard it before. i called my dad and asked about having a family history, and we do (probably something i should have thought to ask before now, but it's okay).

so you all know what i did after i got off the phone. the one thing i always say 'DON'T DO THAT' about ...

i googled. 'diabetes and high cholesterol' ...BIG. MISTAKE. of course the first thing that pops up - i didn't even click it, it was in the snipit shown: High cholesterol and diabetes are two conditions that can be a recipe for a bad heart.


i refined my search to 'type 1 diabetes and high cholesterol' but i half read the first thing i clicked on and made myself stop. no need to freak out just yet, maybe it was just a fluke. maybe i had crap food before that lab. deep breaths, try to stay calm.

and listen to dad when he says: 'google the solution, not the problem.'


  1. I had an LDL spike a little over a year ago which was SO WEIRD since my HDL was so high from exercise and I eat so healthily? healthfully? anyway, high cholesterol runs in my family though so I implemented some natural remedies and got that sucker right down. No worries. Early detection of higher cholesterol levels means that you can attack that sucker faster and get it down where it belongs :)

  2. Will say a little prayer for you as you wait for results :) I hate fasting blood tests!

  3. This is so wierd...I just wrote about this yesterday, when my endo pointed out a "higher" LDL on my recent labs too. I was honestly shocked, I really try to keep the fats down and recently I have started a more go-get-em workout routine. Then he said the whole thing about putting me on medication. No way Jose, I'm not going on cholesterol medication at age 23, thankyouverymuch. So, I'm going to exercise more and still go back for bloodwork, we shall see if I can fool him. I bet yours isn't that high, I'm sure you can bring it down naturally, or even better, it was "just a fluke"!!!

  4. I had a high bad cholesterol at one point in time. They said it came from eating too much fast food so I stopped eating fastfood (except Chick-Fil-A) and it went away!