Monday, January 31, 2011

endocrinologist questions

i need your help. 

tomorrow is my consultation with a new endocrinologist. i have been forming a list of questions/things to talk about with her, and it's time to write them down so i don't forget anything.

here's what i have so far...

  • lowering my A1C to under 7.0 (personal goal)
  • her approach to understanding living with diabetes
  • making sure i have all Rx - and make sure they are for the correct amount
  • insurance information
  • office staff
  • the whole cholesterol thing - her opinion on what my LDL was and help with lowering it
  • dietitian on staff? does she recommend one?
  • my toe that twitches sometimes/d-related? (this one makes me nervous guys)

i know there might be more things i should be asking, that i can't think of right now.

what would you ask?


  1. If you can pull it together beforehand, bring 3-5 day log of the whole kit and caboodle (I just love that silly term): food, basals, boluses, I:C ratios, set changes, exercise/activity, schedule (work, school, sleep, relax, etc.), and have any specific questions ready re: what's not working with what you're currently "doing." Then if she wants/needs more time to review and get back to you, have her make a copy.

    I was so happy when I did this with my 1st appt. at my new endo in December, she jumped right in and asked me "so what's not working for you right now" and I had data to share with her. We had an awesome convo and it helped to have something to show her. Plus, it showed me what her style and process are for working with patients/me, and I liked it. It was the best endo appt. I've ever had (follow-up next month).

    Other than that, I'd ask her about her and her staff's availability. Does she use/respond to email? Does she review several days or a week's worth of logs via email or fax and do phone consults? How about the dietician, how does s/he communicate with patients and how often/how well do the dietician and dr. communicate about what they're each recommending?

    Also, how many type 1's your age does the dr. currently see? What's her post-med school training been in type 1 management? With whom has she studied, and with what current resources (technology and otherwise) is she familiar? Does she have relationships with all of the pump/CGM/insulin/etc. reps in your area, and is she familiar with the D-tech that you use? (I had a previous endo who had office hours weekly only for Minimed rep. When I decided to go to Animas, she had to do research on it and wasn't happy with me. Meh. I LOOOVE my ping.)
    Anyway, good luck! Already it sounds better than your last one, so that's awesome. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

  2. ohhh i LOVE your help!! some of these things i've thought of since i posted this - i am going to get together my recent BGs for her tonight, as well as other questions/concerns i have for stuff that's not entirely working for me.

    thanks so much for your suggestions! :)