Saturday, January 29, 2011

10 non-D things

i borrowed this fun little blog idea from erin over at hey baby que paso.

i share 10 things about myself. YAY FUN :)

1. i love sarcasm. and i'm pretty sure i don't know how anyone in the world can function without it and humor. and i'm also sure i don't know any of those people and if i do, there is a reason we aren't friends. i have actually thought about this before, how there are probably actually people in the world who don't joke around and laugh every day. i don't know how to do that.

2. i have one tattoo. some people have told me it doesn't count because it's the size of a nickel. but i love it.

3. i have a way i 'see' numbers, dates, days of the week, alphabet, etc, in my head. like, numbers are a vertical line that starts with 1 at the bottom and goes up. and when i'm doing math or think of a number, my brain automatically goes to that image of where that number is in the line ... and the days of the week are in a circle. and i 'see' in my mind where i am in the circle depending on what day it is. and the alphabet is a line from left to right (ya know, like one of those charts in elementary school) ...months are a list that go from top to bottom... we just came back to the top of the list for january. i always wonder if i'm the only one who 'sees' things this way.

4. i don't really try to be funny. i guess i just am. because people always tell me i am. unless they're all lying. jerks. 

5. i'm good at advice. i am really good at helping people and talking them through why they are thinking what they are and what they should do in certain situations ... people always tell me i should have been a counselor, and i did one of those tests once that tells you what career you should have and counselor came up as an option. funny.

6. i'm amazing at multi-tasking. i can talk to many people at once, work on something, check emails, etc etc ... and i stay focused. i get a lot done. 

7. people who still act like they are 16 annoy the crap out of me. we are adults. time to move on from high school life and be an adult. it's totally cool to be friends with the people you were friends with then, but they are adults too, so, be adults together. easy concept. people have been eliminated from my life because of this.

8. i am a hair-changer. i am not afraid of getting my hair cut, and i always go from wanting to keep it longer to cutting it short, then i convince myself not to do it, then i eventually will, then let it grow out again, and so on, and so on. right now it's about shoulder length, and i totally have the haircut bug but haven't done it yet... what do you think?:
 the shortest my hair has been - i don't wanna go that short.

little longer, senior year of college - don't wanna go that short either but i like it

longest i've had my hair after college (with mom)

last winter -oooohhh i like how dark this color is

 last summer - i went for fun blonde last year

9. i get annoyed VERY easily with people who are in, don't have common sense. seriously. life is not that difficult. 

10. most importantly, the one i have in common with erin. and scott. and many many others. i. love. diet. coke.

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