Wednesday, January 12, 2011

adding salt to the wound

so glad i left this part out of my story from yesterday. more things happened this morning...

during my appointment, i was explaining to the dr how i needed insulin and the Rx i had wasnt enough because i am down to half a vial and i was not 'allowed' to refill til yesterday and thats not right, i have always gotten like 9 vials at once and i only got 4 last time (the first time i got an Rx from her).

so i was asking her about it and she was said, 'where was the Rx from?' (uhh, YOU?)  i explained that i called the Rx company and they told me she would have to fax the Rx and so it came from her office.
she looked through my file, and i saw what she was looking at, there was no copy of an Rx that had her signature - there were no copies of an Rx, and that was the only one i had prescribed by her thus far.
there were other forms that she had filled out but she was said 'i never sent anything' and she ASSURED me they ALWAYS make copies of prescriptions that they sign and send out and keep them in patient files. so i said 'how could i have gotten a Rx without your signature?' and she basically had no response. 
um, you are the doctor! how could you not know this?

this morning, i was on the phone with my mail-order Rx company about my new prescription, because she did give me a new one with the appropriate amount of insulin ... and i found out it has to be faxed from the dr office or i have to mail it, grr i should have known. well, i don't have enough insulin to last me through: mailing it, processing it and waiting for the insulin to get to me.

while i had them on the phone, i asked about the last Rx, explained i was having some 'issues' with the office and if the Rx company kept a copy, so she looked it up and lo and behold, they HAVE the Rx with my doc's signature! they are going to mail me a copy. funny how they have a copy but the doc doesnt because she 'never signed one' ...hmm.
i had to go over to the dr office this morning (good thing i work across the street) because when i called to ask about the dr faxing the Rx today, they said that she won't be back in the office til tuesday. i am adding that to my list. i don't like that she is only there two days a week. TWO DAYS! i guarantee if i had left a voice mail and not talked to someone directly, they would have let it sit until she got back. the woman who i talked to on the phone came up to the desk when i got there and she filled out the fax form while i watched because i told them i didn't feel comfortable leaving until i knew the Rx was being faxed.
well, at least the Rx got faxed. sigh. 

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  1. Dang. Sorry for your frustration. I hate dealing with stuff like that. Sometimes I wish we didnt have to deal with Rx's. We usually know more about what we need anyway.