Thursday, January 20, 2011

where my pump lives

the topic of 'where do you put your pump?' has come up quite a bit lately, so i thought i'd reveal some of my best concealing locations.

now, if you're going to be that person that says 'why do you hide it? i don't hide my diabetes from ANYONE!' ...good for you. i don't hide the fact that i have diabetes from anyone, i will tell anyone, GLADLY. but ya know, sometimes the silhouette doesn't look as fabulous with a rectangle box sticking off your side.

may i present to you: my pump locations. :)

my favorite spot is in my right pocket of my jeans. now, i am picky, and i can't put it in the pocket of just any pants. if the pocket isn't 'snug' enough, the cord doesn't tuck in nicely and i risk catching it places. i actually wore a hole in my favorite jeans from my pump, and my mom sewed a cute little patch of heart fabric behind the hole so i could keep wearing them. hehe:
 see that hole there? it's bigger. and patched :)  mental note: no blue shirts with blue jeans. more importantly, with dad, dipping our own bottles at makers mark!

for the occasions when i'm not wearing jeans - for example, shorts, 'nicer' pants - i tuck the pump in the back waistband of whatever i'm wearing. it stays there too, it's like one of those microphone box thingies that people on reality tv wear. i'm totally cooler than they are. for example, today i am wearing my favorite style of casual dress pants from old navy (i have like 6 colors, seriously) and i don't like how the pump 'sits' in my pocket, so it's in my waistband:
eww ignore my bad nailpolish. i'll be removing that tonight.
(photo taken by hypoglycemic work buddy

now, when i wear a fancy dress, it can either be tucked in the back of my unmentionables (yup, just like the waistband thing, girls, it works! (i guess, that is, if you have an ass. i was blessed with enough of one to not have a 'flat butt' so it stays where it belongs), or i stick it in the upstairs department of unmentionables, ifyouknowwhatimsaying:

oh and there was that one time (the only time) a few years ago when my best friend got married and the pump slid right down from it's cozy spot in my waistband and hung. next to my leg. during the wedding ceremony. in front of the entire church. and i had to not laugh. or freak out. yeah. that time:

and the time i was running and fractured my leg and twisted my ankle. i had learned that when i was running, i needed to attach the clip when it was tucked in the back of my waistband, because if not, it would slide down (eww. sweaty.) so it was tucked in, but also clipped on:
 see that little black thing sticking up behind me on the left? pump! with clip!
next to me cuz it was not comfortable to wear on that awesome ER bed.

oh yeah and back when i used to do this:
it sat snugly in my waistband then too. (yes, that's really me. awesome.)

where does your pump live?


  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. you were a teddy bear(?)!

    how does your pump stay in place in your waistband? mine slides everywhere! no fair.

    i like putting mine in the upper deck of the unmentionables. i've got enough going on up there i don't have to worry about anything going anywhere. (although i do worry, on occasion, my poor little pump might suffocate)

  2. C - it only works when the unmentionables have a wider waistband - the best i have are aerie, they have a thicker, 1 inch band at the top ... hanes used to make some awesome ones that were like boybriefs with a thicker band at the top but i haven't found them in a while. thin banded ones don't work so well.

  3. Love it! I'm a pocket girl- don't own many pants without them. And whenever I dress up, in the bra it goes! And I pray for no disco boobs.

    And C, sometimes it does seems like it might suffocate! ;)

  4. Great post! Mine is usually in or clipped to the pocket of whatever pair of jeans/trousers I'm wearing. With skirts, I usually wear it at the back, clipped to my tights.

  5. love it! non diabetic jumping in here to tell you a funny there was a sub across the hall, but i taught with her for a few years so i know her well. S (my 9 year old student with diabetes) crossed paths with her so i told him she has type 1, and she was talking to him about it. he said he's getting a pump next year and she says "wanna see mine?" and proceeds to turn around and pull it out from under her shirt. i wish i'd had a camera to capture the look on this 3rd grader's face when he was expected to act excited about something a 60+ year old lady had just pulled out of her bra.

  6. This is such a great post :) I will have to try the microphone-clip trick. I put it in my girls if I'm wearing a dress but I hate (HATEEE!) trying to figure out how to bolus smugly whilst taking it out of the bra (and I hate the idea of going to the bathroom so doubly annoying). So I wear a lot of pants. It reminds me of this article I once read about how awkward things like lingerie can be if you are pumping...

  7. thank you for sharing this,
    my daughter wears her pump in a pouch at the moment