Sunday, January 30, 2011


i had a letter in the mail from the endo concerning my cholesterol. got here yesterday.

it says - word for word people: 

Dear Ms Nancy Last Name (my last name is spelled wrong in this letter.):

The bad cholesterol (LDL) level was 135. It is acceptable, we usually prefer the level to be lower in type 2 diabetics, but there is no strong evidence to aim for a very low LDL in type 1 diabetics. 

Doctor's signature

ok so ... a few thoughts.

1. why is my name spelled wrong on a letter from the doctor? this should be a pretty easy check. it's on every piece of paper and my chart. i've held the chart in my hands, it is spelled correctly there. and i feel like there is a real lack of professionalism how these two sentences were written. ...maybe a lack of 'caring', just sharing the information. maybe i want too much?

2. honestly, if i had not already received a phone call from my family doctor about cholesterol, i probably would have been like 'what the bleep is she talking about?' ... maybe include something like 'your cholesterol level on the bloodwork we did on X date...' instead of just saying 'the level is...'

3. i am not type 2 diabetic. i really have zero idea why that is even in the letter. i guess what is said about type 1 is helpful, but if my family doctor is concerned and did follow up blood work, doesn't that tell me it is something to check on, in general?

4. OH and 'we usually prefer the level to be lower...' who is WE? you? your office? every endocrinologist ever? all the doctors in the world? the planet?

otherwise, i'm kind of at a loss for words.

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