Wednesday, January 5, 2011

you know what would go good with that?

it took me a little while to come up with a good blog title. but i am happy with my clever decision.

back story: my dad's FAVORITE 'diabetes story' about me is from my nephew's birthday a few years ago, when we were about to dig in on some delicious cake my sister had baked.

amidst all the fun of presents and playing with the niece and nephew, i lost my brain, joyfully sang happy birthday, and accepted my slice of cake and scoop of ice cream.

as i took my first bite, i said, 'hey, you know what would go good with this?' and my family stared at me, confused. 'some insulin!'  ... fail, i forgot to pump. they all bust out laughing, and now it's become a family joke.

he likes to perk up that 'some insulin would go good with that!' when we enjoy some sweet treats together.

good ol' dad. thanks for my blog title. ...of course, i could have made my title 'you know what would go go with that? some insulin' but that seemed a TOUCH long. i think a side of insulin fits quite nicely. and, i have all my meals with a side of insulin!

thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Welcome to the D-Blogger Club! :-)

  2. Welcome fellow blogger. I think you are off to a great start! I was anxious about blogging too but now I just put my thoughts on paper and keep it real and moving. Good luck and happy blogging!