Monday, January 10, 2011

we all have medical expenses!!

we all have money issues. all my buddies in the DOC (diabetes online community) have them, and it makes me feel a little better that they relate to the fact that i have additional expenses to daily living costs compared to someone else in their late 20s who has no medical issues.

i'm frustrated when i feel like i'm getting ahead and then something happens and it puts me right back in the money position i was already in. i had a lot of crap happen at the end of '10, and it did just that. put me right back where i was financially, when i thought i was finally getting 'ahead.'

  • new job/new insurance/new deductible to be met. okay, no biggie, medical supplies will be about the extent of my expenses. right??
  • preparing for a 5K ...fall. twist. popping sounds. LOTS of pain. trip to ER.= $  
  • misdiagnosis of 'just a sprain.' doctor follow up a week later shows sprain and multiple fractures in tibia, here's a BOOT, wear it for at least 3 weeks= $ ...oh yeah, you haven't met your deductible= $$
the boot.
  • new endocrinologist appointment because my old endo doesn't take the new insurance= $
  • i need medical supplies. order.= $ oh wait, that deductible thing again= $$ umm, i can't pay THAT MUCH right now, so i can only order a portion of my order instead of all 3 months. sigh, i'll be ordering again next month.
  • follow up doctor appointments for the leg, including new x-rays= $
  • appointment to get a CGM to wear for 3 days put on (there's a copay for this?)= $
  • oh look, supplies need to be ordered again=$ oh and insulin!= $$
  • merry christmas! presents for everyone! (on a budget)= $ 
  • new dietitian appointment= $
  • what's that sound? oh that'd be the furnace dying. buy new furnace before the year ends to get the tax credit, which is still a big purchase even though some money comes back= $$$
  • hello new year! woop woop! oh wait, have to meet the deductible again because it's a new year. and it's just about time to order supplies and insulin again because the new endo didn't write a 3 month Rx for it. awesome.

i know i'm not the only one in this world with money issues. i know it could be worse, i know that i should be glad that i have insurance, that i have a job, that i have money - and for all these things, i am grateful ... but just for a minute, just for this short blog entry, i just want to get my frustrations out. i want to know that i'm not alone, that i'm not the only one who has more medical expenses than most of the people i know 'in real life' - like, not virtual world friends, people that i actually know and see on a regular basis ... some people who don't have the medical expenses that i have don't really 'get' it, or care to get it.

i guess i'll just stay on my budget, do my best to keep my BGs in a good range so i don't use too much insulin ($) or have to correct lows too much ($ on food) and stick it out and meet my deductible soon in 2011. whining isn't going to fix anything. so i won't whine (anymore) ...but i do like cheese. :)

how do you relate? i'm not alone, right?


  1. You are totally not alone! I know the feeling. Ugh! Sometimes I think of everything else I could do with all that medical $. But I can't stay there, so I just visit occasionally. ;)

  2. agreed. whine away.

    that is all. :o)