Wednesday, January 19, 2011


i don't really have anything to blog about right now. i'm having blogger block. which is not good because in the next few weeks i have to set up two interviews and write two articles. i need to get it out of my system.

nothing feels blog-worthy.

i'm switching offices at work. started today, will finish tomorrow. more room, less cramped, maybe hip pain relief because of that. plus, WINDOWS. :)

i have had the song 'black and yellow' stuck in my head since saturday. except i've been singing 'green and yellow' - packers. - and i figured someone would remake the song ... i was right.

i'm modeling in a bridal show for my friend who owns a bridal shop on friday. i like doing it, dressing up and getting your hair and makeup done. that will be fun.

today started good, and then things started getting on my nerves. comments, rudeness, people asking questions they should know the answers to. the kind of things that make me say to myself, 'why are you bitchy? check your blood sugar.' and i check it. and it's fine. 94.

and then i remember. my bitchyness will subside in a few days. ifyouknowwhatimsaying, women.

the hater's coming in town. 

(i heard it called the hater by a guy friend, which i found quite funny.)


  1. OOh you could blog about where you put your pump when you wear bridal clothes! I remember for my cousin's wedding that I ended up just unplugging and going on injections for the whole thing (v. frustrating). It sounds like fun though!

    My husband says that about me when I'm grumpy too- "You are grumpy. Check your sugar". It's irritating but he is often right. Although, it's not helpful when AFlo is in town...

  2. Good idea, I'll blog about it after this week's show :) stupid aflo. I kinda like that too. Haha