Wednesday, May 11, 2011

dblog week day 3: diabetes bloopers

i've been trying to think of a REALLY good and funny blooper for this ... and sadly, i can't think of an amazingly hilarious one! sigh.

i mean, i can think of a few kinda funny times ...

the first day i had my pump. i was going out to dinner with my parents, i had shorts on. i hadn't really had time to experiment with where to wear my pump and shove the tubing yet. as i was putting shoes on, sitting at the kitchen table, my dad says 'you have something hanging out of your shorts.' ohhh, that'd be like 48 inches of tubing just hangin' out. whoopsie.

and of course there's always the good 'ol 'is that a pager?' ...yes, it is 2011. that is my pager. or 'is that one of those microphone boxes?' yep, i'm on a reality show ALL DAY EVERY DAY! this is my life. (can you imagine? how boring that show would be. haha)

i had some friends who called me the bionic woman in college, i guess that was kind of entertaining.

and there was the time that helped me name my blog.

i guess the biggest 'blooper' that stands out for me is when people say 'dye-a-bee-tus.' it makes me cringe. (QUICK LESSON: it's dye-a-bee-tees. and i spelled it dye instead of die for reasons that seem obvious to me.) everyone knows that it drives me CRAZY, but what more can we do than reference wilford brimley? that's a guaranteed laugh every time. when we name our JDRF walk team 'What Would Wilford Brimley Do?'

oh yes we did.

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  1. I hate dye-a-bee-tus too! It really gets under my skin!!

  2. And my favorite part of this picture...the cute little worn out girl in the stroller. :)

  3. The pager totally blows me away -- you're right -- IT'S 2011...HELLO????!?!?!?!?!??!?! My daughter wears an insulin pump and when people ask me about her pager, I stare at them because

    #1) SHE IS SEVEN (hello???)


    #2) IT IS 2011!

    Love that team name, btw ;)

  4. I'm cracking up over the fact that you named your Walk team "What Would Wilford Brimley Do?" That's awesome! :)

    I hate dye-a-bee-tus, too! :)

  5. What a great!!! team name.
    Garage door opener - ??? Good grief!

  6. Loved your post. I cringe to the 'bee-tus' too! I had been asked if my pump was "some new sort of cell phone". Really? With a tube?

  7. Re team name - people WERE taking pictures of our shirts.

  8. OMG, my mil (who has T2) calls it 'dye-a-bee-tus' and it drives me nuts!!! Maybe it's a generation thing? Whatever it is, pronounce it correctly, please!!! Granted, she says a lot of words 'differently'...another irritating one is when she says 'holt' instead of 'hold'.
    mil rant over... ;)

  9. Uhm, okay, I do say "dye-a-BEET-is" but there is a huge difference b/t my pronounciation and Wilford's. Just sayin'. #BAMthereitis ;) I love the tubing hanging out of wherever, though--w/ shorts? Awesome. Look out for those cabinet knobs!
    <3 @sarahmart

  10. Have you seen the commercials?? DYEABEETUS. Oh man it drives me crazy too! I usually wear my pump in my bra and my tubing tends to hand out of the top sometimes and people are like ummm what? LOL