Monday, May 2, 2011

at the bookstore

when i was browsing around the bookstore the other night, i saw some books that i felt like i need to share. some reminded me of the DOC - in a good way! other books annoyed me...

this was the first title that caught my eye. really?

and there was this one...

this one made me think, if my doctor wasn't telling me everything i need to know, then i would need a new doctor.

then i was OH SO THRILLED that this book was there (and i know kim - along with the rest of the DOC - will be oh so thrilled as well.) click here for another related post from kim.

i thought of plenty of people and diabetes police that could use this book ... then i noticed the book next to it. the author of that book could use a copy as well.

i wanted to switch up my mood, so i moved to the cooking/baking section ... how do you not laugh at this? so cute.

and yum, i'll take 500 cupcakes.

i LOVE bakerella. and this book. it's so adorable!

this was the inside of another book i looked at, i thought the phrases were cute. :)

i spotted these two gems for all my cheese-loving friends (myself included) 

and OMG i laughed OUT LOUD at the title of this, only diabetics (and those who love them) would 'get' the humor ... if the journal had blank pages, this could be a great BG log, could it not? hahaha!

this is like my favorite poster in my house, but with a twist ... this is becoming a trend, keep calm and [insert whatever you want to do here]

and last, but certainly not least, i was just WAITING to see a book like this ... i know some of my friends will love and want this book. and hey - it's on sale just for you!

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  1. omg, this is so wonderful. Thank you for this on a Monday morning! ;) As I looked at the first several photos, I just kept thinking "Ish." (that was my Norwegian gma's statement of disgust.) Then the rest of the photos made me giggle happily. Especially the "keep calm" cupcakes one--gorgeous design and the sentiment is so perfect. ;) Happy day!!