Thursday, May 12, 2011

dblog week day 4: ten things i hate about you, diabetes

i am super pissed at blogger for screwing up and LOSING HALF OF THIS POST AND ALL THE COMMENTS. so this is not original, it's a rewrite and i can't remember what i wrote the first time. i am NOT a happy camper. or blogger.  (you can totally tell that it stopped saving after number 3, i clearly am annoyed and doing a 'short' list. hahaha)

i thought about making this funny, but i have passed the point of post-exercise energy burst, and i'm winding down.

1. my fingers hurt sometimes. like, after the pricks have happened. they're just sore and tired. and my sides where my pump is connected to me. and along with the hurt, the ITCHING. ugh, the itching.

2. i miss being able to eat an entire bag of cotton candy. or a whole damn pint of ice cream. i remember being able to do that back before this stupid disease.

3. you make me have to carry a purse. i mean, i love purses, but sometimes I JUST DON'T WANT TO CARRY ONE!

4. diabetes police.

5. trying to figure out where to put my pump with whatever i'm wearing SUCKS

6. people who feel sorry for you. and make a big dramatic scene about it.

7. money. or lack of money. having to spend so much money on something you hate.

8. glucoaster. high blood sugar, low blood sugar. high blood sugar, low blood sugar ...

9. the frustration and guilt i feel when things aren't 'right'

10. when blogger is 'down' and loses half of a blog i already wrote and two other full posts i wrote.

This post is part of the Second Annual D-Blog Week. Visit Karen's blog to check out all the participant's posts! 


  1. Oh yeah the diabetes police I forgot them on my list. I hate them too

  2. I love #9--totally relevant, d-blog or no! ;)

  3. I think #10 is my "favorite"