Saturday, May 14, 2011

dblog day 6: saturday snapshots

daily life...

low blood sugar treats...

or just, treats :)

 pretty arrivals in the mail...
awareness ...  

and pride.

This post is part of the Second Annual D-Blog Week. Visit Karen's blog to check out all the participant's posts! 


  1. Great photos, Meredith! Love seeing them all. And the D-Meetup ones, too!

  2. lovely photos

    my daughter thinks the pump would be very uncomfortable in her trousers like that, and wonders why you don't have pretty pouches like she does.

  3. :) she's so sweet! ...maybe my shape is a little different since i'm older (lame)... but i do love her pretty pouches! (and saying trousers is so much more fun than saying pants)

  4. Terrific photos!

    I think I need to buy some cotton candy. My son would love to treat a low with cotton candy!

  5. Great photos, Meredith! Love that you shared the meetup and mug photos again. :-)

  6. Okay, all of your pictures are great - but I'm sure you know my favorite!! The Meeting D-Friends ones!!!! (Yes, they even beat out the cupcake ones) :P