Monday, May 9, 2011

dblog week day 1: admiring our differences

i have learned different things from different 'types' of diabetes bloggers. we have the type 1s, pumpers, non-pumpers, type 2s, LADAs, parents of diabetics, family of diabetics, friends of diabetics ... the list goes on and on. i can't pick just one person who i've learned new things from, i learn from everyone. whether they were diagnosed 30 years ago or just three. whether they are tall or short, thin or not-so-thin, black or white, cupcake lover or bacon lover. i'm an equal opportunity diabetic lover.

back before i met the DOC, i never really thought about other people with diabetes. i kind of felt alone in my 'situation,' because i only knew a few people with diabetes, and the few that i knew who had type 2, i didn't know a lot about. and i didn't feel like i had much in common with them. but obviously, that's not true! through the DOC and other blogs, i DO have things in common with them. no matter what type of diabetes it is, we all have that common bond. it helps me feel like i'm not alone, i know there are others around that i share this disease with. (sorry people, i usually like sharing, but it bums me out that we share this.)

another thing i've learned a new perspective on is what it's like to be the parent of a child with diabetes. i guess i never really thought about it before a few months ago, because i was 'grown up' when i was diagnosed. i think reading some of the parent blogs have given me some insight to the way my parents might have felt or may still feel sometimes now. things i guess i don't think or worry about (or push to the back of my mind) because it's about me. i'm not stressing over it if it's happening to me, i'm doing what i can to control it and prevent future complications.

This post is part of the Second Annual D-Blog Week. Visit Karen's blog to check out all the participant's posts! 


  1. I learn So much from everyone!! I'm so glad you're all here!!

  2. I learn from everyone as well! I am so glad we have such different stories in the DOC. Great post!

  3. Very awesome post, indeed! I've actually thought about writing up a SECOND post for today, based on what so many seem to be echoing - that we all seemed to almost be different people and come from different perspectives before the DOC, but since finding this community we've learned from those different perspectives and applied them to our own lives. I also didn't think much or talk openly much about diabetes, and that's changed. My sense of humor and ability to laugh at and about my own health has been an incredible way to better and manage and cope. Everyone in the community is a part of that, and it's awesome! So thanks for doing what you do.

  4. Great post, Nancy! You're right that we all share a common bond, no matter what type of diabetes we have. Thank goodness for the DOC! :)