Thursday, May 19, 2011

test strip nightmare.

so, i ordered my medical supplies a few weeks ago. ya know, as i always do, through their web site.

someone left me a voicemail me the next day to let me know they needed to talk to me before the order was processed. when i called them back, i was told that based on how often you can order certain supplies, it would be about two weeks before they could process the test strips. i said that was fine; they said they would call me with a reminder about the test strips when it was time to place the order and i could do that through the web site. fabulous!

i got my pump supplies, no problem. tuesday i got a voicemail about placing my order and to call them. i forgot about it yesterday ... until today when they called again. i called back, thinking they just want to confirm that they can place the order.

well, that's not exactly what happened.

i was told that my test strips are not covered by my insurance and the total will be almost $400. i asked why they are not covered now when i have ordered them in the past and was told that everything was billed to insurance. she said 'it' showed that when insurance was reverified by billing, that they are not covered. 

i obviously told her not to place the order yet. i called my insurance company and explained my situation. the guy i talked to said that he was not sure why the medical supply company was telling me that because i am covered for the test strips. i asked if I need the supply company to call them, and he said he didn't think so and gave me a reference number that would let them know i am covered by insurance.

i called back to the supply company, explained the situation again to someone who transferred me to the billing department. i explained everything for the millionth time, gave the reference number and was told they  would look into it. when i expressed the urgency (i use test strips multiple times a day, this isn't something that can be casually looked into - shouldn't medical supply company people know that?), i was put on hold. when they came back they said they would call my insurance company and call me back and let me know what they found out.

when they called back, i was told that the person i spoke to at my insurance company told me that i was covered because he was in the pharmacy department. they said that i have to order test strips from a pharmacy (and suggested two local pharmacies) and said that they are not covered when ordered from a supply company.

this was the first i've heard of that, and i was ALSO told i have a balance from the order that was placed in february. that was the first time I was told about that balance as well. why was this not communicated to me??? it's not like i'm swimming in cash. i plan out where my money goes. ya know, a budget. diabetes is expensive. THIS BALANCE IS NOT PART OF THE PLAN!
when I have placed my supply orders, no one has ever told me that i am not covered for test strips when ordering from their company (and i have talked to them many times, they have had issues with charging me using the shipping address instead of billing address), i feel like this is something they should have let me know before the order was placed, not after i've received it and now have a balance for it on my account.

GRRRR. why can't things just be EASY and GO SMOOTHLY?!?!??!!! 

i am very glad to have a helpful HR department where i work, and someone is helping me look into the situation so HOPEFULLY i don't have to pay this ridiculous balance. 

deep breaths. calming thoughts.  ooommmmmmmm. 


  1. That is so aggravating! I'd be so steamed. Glad you have HR to help you, but still, I'm sorry you have to go through this.

  2. Man I hate this kinda stuff. It's so annoying, it's like the world doesn't want us to take care of ourselves.

  3. Do you guys at work have FSA with your health insurance? I have a high deductible which is $4000.00 year - my boss covers 2000 and I the other 2000. Then we have a FSA account where we put my portion of the 2000 from each pay check. So once I hit my deductible I don't have to pay for anything else the rest of the year! Love it - only problem is when the insurance company is slow on posting to my account!

    I hope your HR person can help - if not let me know - I do that kind of stuff also!

  4. Same thing happening here - I just got a bill with my most current supply order AND one from January 5. When I asked why-oh-why they would wait almost 6 months to bill me, I got the run around. Double payment all at once is apparently no problem to people with no problems!