Friday, May 13, 2011

dblog week day 5: awesome things

writing about the good things diabetes has brought me is not my idea of fun, because i wish diabetes had brought me nothing, but alas, here we are.  and i think it's funny we're talking about the awesome things on friday the 13th.

i mean, i can't lie, there are some good things.

it gave me responsibility. it made me grow up really fast. it taught me about being mature and handling things that are thrown at me (well, i mean, my parents and schooling also gave me that, but you know what i mean). it introduced me to a great group of people. it gave me some awesome friends. it enabled me to have the drive to raise so much money for a cause i truly care about. it helped me understand diabetes, instead of living life basing what i knew on myths. it taught me how to give shots if i ever need to. it taught me some math (people, i don't do math. and i have to do SOME calculating every day). it gave me a reason to start a blog.

it gave me another 'part' of life.

that's what diabetes is to me and always has been. i've said it before. it's the hand i've been dealt and i have to live with it. and i do, the good and the bad; all of it.

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  1. haha I guess Diabetes did make me better at math!

  2. That's completely right, it does make us grow up quicker doesn't it? My mom always said that even after my diagnosis at age 5, I was older for my age. That can be good and bad, but I like to look at is as a positive. Of course, maybe I didn't get that "responsibility" aspect out of it as much as I should... but that's a work in progress that I can raise my glass to!