Thursday, June 13, 2013

keepin' it in the family

i've gotten a few nice messages asking how my dad's doing. obviously great since he went to dr. awesome. ;) AND dad noted that he had never met the doc! my mom went with me to my first appointments when i was diagnosed, and the few that dad went to were with my nurse practitioner (who was fabulous and i was very sad when she moved away). also, dad says dr. awesome gets bonus points for having graduated from the same high school that he did, just four years later.

here's the summary as of now. he might get to have the same thyroid test that i did. and - same thing i was told, it's either graves disease or transient hyperthyroidism.

also, for a few years the family doc has been noting 'diabetic' on his chart with some diabetes-flirty blood glucoses. (diabetes and thyroid issues ... my family shares.) this year that doc decided it's been consistently higher so it was time for treatment. he has been taking metformin since january and is doing well! he recently found out from dr. awesome that he has LADA so he's a part of the club now, we can welcome him to the #doc. :)

that's where he stands and he'll follow up with dr awesome soon. so ya know, we share diseases. it's all good.

...and dad said that dr. awesome lived up to the name i'd given him.

as if there was ever any doubt.

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