Tuesday, April 26, 2011

bootcamp recap day five ... stations

the consistent thing about bootcamp is that we always do stations. we go through each one, 60 seconds each, then a second time for either 45 or 60 seconds.

last night we did them for 60 seconds each. twice. five stations in each area. some of them are a lot harder than others.

for example ... pulling the elastic band in a rowing motion is not hard for me. crossover squats, not hard for me. laying down to standing up (over and over for 60 seconds), not too bad.

however, sprinting and high knees, hard. it irritates the ankle a little, and the fact that i'm just getting back into shape ... kettle ball swings HURT after about 20 seconds. and man, some of the stuff we do i don't think will leave me trying to catch my breath, but it does. also, one leg jumps up onto a little step ... those were kinda hard for me too. made me feel kinda silly, i wouldn't think those would be as hard as they felt. well, the right ankle was a little harder, but i expected that.

image from thefitnessworkout.com
 they look easy? you go right ahead and do those for 60 seconds, k? 

all in all, i like it. i might not tell you i like it when i'm in the middle of all of it, but i feel great after. and i can't wait til the days that i can complete every station without having to stop for a few seconds to catch my breath or give my arms a break.

i'm a work in progress... :)


  1. It's so awesome that you are doing this!!!! I love hearing all about out and watching your progress. You rock!

  2. thanks!! i'm hoping i'll see/feel improvement in a week or so :D

  3. You are totally amazing. I'm living a little vicariously thru you right now, and thinking about what/how I'm going to get my bod moving too. You're an inspiration!