Monday, April 25, 2011

rhyme time!

last night @ mentioned me in a tweet.
i thought that was pretty sweet.

she wrote a blog post with lots of fun rhymes,
it reminded me of simpler times.

i wanted to write a fun rhyming post
does it make sense? eh, not the most.

rhymes are what the cool kids will use,
ya know, cool kids like @.

making a rhyme doesn't take a whiz,
and it sure is fun to encorporate !

@ can always show you a good hashtag,
they give standard tweets some more swag!

oh yeah, in case you forgot, in 10 days @ i will see,
because for the derby, she'll be staying with me!

more rhymes will be coming, one from @
he is sure to show us how rhymes are an art.

@ had a diaversary the other day,
and she wrote some rhymes (about CUPCAKES - YAY!)

tomorrow i'll get back to my sweatbetes updates,
ya know, talking about running and lifting weights.

i just wanted to start the week with some fun,
maybe some upcoming days will have SUN!

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