Thursday, April 7, 2011

kids are smart.

this past weekend my family was at my sister's house for my nephew's ninth birthday. it was fabulous (minus getting bronchitis) and fun.

friday night, we had dinner at a little mexican restaurant. see also: delicious and one of my favorite foods.

as everyone was digging into the chips and salsa, i got my meter out to test and bolus. my niece was sitting next to me and was very interested. i don't remember her ever being REALLY interested before, but she was just very aware that night.

niece: what are you doing?
me: checking my blood sugar.
niece: oh, is it a good number or a low number like last time?
me: it's a good number.

ummm and let's take a moment. my niece is four. four going on 13, but she is four. and the last time i was around her was christmas. and she remembers that i had low blood sugar at some point during that week? i don't.

kids brains are like sponges. seriously.

ps. i am getting better. thanks to everyone who has been asking. :) the bronchitis is making its exit. don't let the door hit 'cha. 


  1. That's what happens to us! We soak up everything when we're little and don't leave room for stuff when we're older. ;-) Kids are so cute sometimes.

  2. Too smart, if you ask me!! They do hear everything - and soak it all up. Then it comes back to haunt you at an inappropriate time!!