Friday, April 8, 2011

things that make me think of the DOC

i did some errands after work yesterday, and one place i went was a great arts and crafts/home store ... and as you know, i live in louisville and you know what that means? IT'S DERBY SEASON!! so i spent some time looking at the gorgeous derby hats they have for sale (which of course start at like $200 for a good big one). if you're in the market for a hat, i know a great person to contact, who i've been friends with since i was about six.

this was my favorite. those who know me will be shocked that it is covered in peacock feathers. 

this store also has a section of home decor, and i saw a few things that reminded me of the DOC, so of course i took pictures to share.

i'm not sure if you have noticed, but many of us PWD love cupcakes. irony? obviously. 

there's also an ongoing discussion over on twitter about how much we all love CHEESE. (sorry, no link for you, but trust me, it comes up A LOT.) and there may have been a talk this week about someone and a mouse in their kitchen. just saying.

and of course, we always talk about the old go-to treat, chocolate.

oh yeah, and speaking of the derby ... there was a commercial on last night for thunder over louisville and the derby festival. this year's derby festival theme is 'derby superfest' and it's all about superheroes, etc, and they are using a lot of comic book animation in their advertising.

i obviously thought of a few people in particular when THIS appeared on my tv screen.


  1. #cheesesluts in the dhouse!!!!

  2. Cheeeeeeese!

    Why do I feel as though someone should be snapping a picture right now?

  3. omg, so much DOC awesomeness in one little trip to the store. Love. It. Thanks for posting this--what a nice way to start my day! Oh, and the peacock Derby hat looks perfect on you. ;)

  4. Love me some NMG! Can't believe we've known each other for 22/23 years!