Thursday, April 21, 2011

sweatbetes bootcamp day two

i survived again, and I DID ALL OF IT!

quite a few people have asked me 'what's it like?' and 'are you going at 5 AM???' haha uhhh NO. there are places in town that only have morning bootcamps but thank sweet baby Jesus the place i go has evening sessions. or i would not be doing it.

what it's like ... well, i have only been to one 'real' class, but i have the gist of it so i'll explain what i know. i have been told there are two 'types' of classes, but no matter what class you go to, they are always different. last night was stations.

before we started the stations, we all went outside together and did some warm ups. not bad. and i made some new friends so i felt more comfortable. (ya know, i'm not shy, but i am reserved at first when i'm alone around a new group of people. i'm glad that didn't last long. everyone was VERY friendly) we did some jogging, skipping, leg stretches, basic stuff like that.

then we split in two groups (there were about 14 people there last night) and went inside to do stations. there are two rooms, and in each room there are six stations. you do a different exercise at each station, and the first time you are in the room you stay at the stations for 60 seconds, then move on to the next one.

a couple examples of stations are:
  • laying on your back, holding a bar in the air, and lifting your legs straight up, then to the left and right and lowering your legs as far as you can without touching the ground ... my abs loved that one. 
  • planks. lord. planks HURT. (or i'm just weak. it will get easier, yes?)
  • then there were step ups, where you would step up on a block, push weights up over your head, and step back down. over and over. for 60 seconds.
  • and there was a punching bag, and a treadmill (two separate stations)
once you complete a room, you go outside, down the stairs, run the length of the building and come back up and go in the other room. i am pretty sure the most painful part was coming back up the stairs. i thought my quads were going to burst into flames.

when you go to the other room, same thing. and in between each room we ran outside. the second time you did each room, you only did the stations for 45 seconds. it felt a lot shorter. weird.

the only time i felt like i was going to pass out was after planks and before the dreaded burpees. so i just took a few seconds, stood still, took some deep breaths and kept going at my own pace. and no one scolded me, didn't tell me to get going, the lead trainer just told me i was doing a good job, and to keep it up. that was encouraging, it made me want to keep going.

i think that's what i really enjoy, the trainers aren't like jillian. you know what i mean, they're NICE. there is no yelling. they tell you good job, they know your name, they are encouraging and they help you make adjustments if you're not doing it exactly right, etc.

i was proud of myself for doing everything. i might have been the last person jogging, but i completed everything we had to do. *proud moment*

i just might need to take a bigger water bottle next time.

and today, my legs hurt. but i can move. we'll see how i feel tomorrow. :)

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