Wednesday, April 27, 2011

[not really] wordless wednesday

i got this because my good friend briley said that the shots work faster than the tablets, so i have one to take to bootcamp with me just in case i need it. at lunch yesterday, i was looking at it (and taking off the seal, so i don't have an anger attack with low blood sugar) and we (work buddies and I) decided that anything that says 'great tasting' on the label is probably not great tasting.

i'll let you know.


  1. Yeah...if I need a warning label that says, "Great tasting"...should I have been worried that it wasn't? hmmm...yeah let me know how that goes HAHA

  2. Dad has a medicine for kidney stones that advertises that it's "pleasant tasting"'s the worst thing EVER. I put just a dab of it on my tongue once in an effort to be the supportive daughter and my eyes started tearing. I recently bought the liquid glucose, too, and "great tasting" made me nervous. Maybe we should just plug our noses and chug it?

  3. i just had to drink that glucose shot (bg is 61 and feels like it's dropping), it was not gross enough to make me puke but certainly not good. it was like a non-frozen popsicle with a little bit of medicine taste thrown in.