Thursday, April 14, 2011

i've got the 'betes burnout.

yep, we get burnout sometimes. and i've got it.

and i'm pretty sure it's because i got bronchitis. and then i am pretty sure i had a sinus infection after that. and i'm STILL not over coughing, and my nose is all stuffy and i sound like a frog.

it feels like 80% of the time, my blood sugars are high when i test. and i get so annoyed and frustrated. and then it does the opposite of what it should do, i should want to correct and eat all the right things and go low-carb and exercise ... but what i do is eat not the greatest choices but take the right amount of carbs and then not care, and not want to check my blood sugar because i don't want to see a high number. and i try to do the right thing and not eat all the sweets that have magically appeared in our breakroom. and not get a treat because i know the reason i think i am craving one. because i'm TOO HIGH. stupid. annoying.

and i don't tell people about it because i don't want them to worry, or tell them they feel bad for me, etc etc. i just deal with it and move on. it is what it is.

sigh. i'm just over it right now. and i don't want to bitch about it, but shit. i'm over it! hopefully by getting it out of my system, i will break out of the funk and get my shit together.


  1. don't be too hard on yourself! you are certainly entitled to some venting and whining!

    i don't eat well when i'm stuck high either. it's like, what the hell, i'm already high...

    germs, take a hike already! hugs!

  2. you can complain to us anytime. we got your back :)

  3. My counselor told me that it's okay to have a "pissed off" day at diabetes. She said go ahead and have it, and then move on. I never really thought about that, until she mentioned it.