Thursday, April 28, 2011

i'm not freaking out ...

so last night i noticed this 'spot' in the vision of my right eye. it's small, it looks like the little spot that is left after a camera flash goes off ... but it hasn't gone away.

i didn't think much of it last night, then i didn't really see it after i initially noticed it, but i definitely saw it when i was driving to work this morning. and then i started obsessing. i can see it really well right before i start blinking, so i sat at a red light blinking over and over like a nerd.

i called my ophthalmologist. the woman who answered was very nice, she said i need to get in today - and then it ended up that they have no openings today, and i requested to see my doctor, not someone else in the practice ... i feel more comfortable seeing him when i'm having an 'issue' because he knows my history.

i JUST saw him for my yearly appointment. everything was good. i hope that everything is still good and it's nothing major, but i mean, you know i'm a little nervous. that whole diabetes thing and eye issues, it's a little shit.

in the meantime,



sweatbetes update: bootcamp is getting easier! i felt great after last night, and i did all the stations without stopping for a break!! WOO HOO GETTING IN SHAPE!


  1. I know it's no help until your doctor sees you, but I've had these on and off over the years and have never had any serious D-related eye issues. My doc has told me in the past that little bleeds/aneurysms can happen in between appointments and usually resolve themselves. It can totally freak you out though (:-O

    Good luck and keep us posted!

  2. Good luck with your eye doc, Meredith. You never know with these things... I think we always just worry more about "little" things or those that likely aren't anything big just because of all the horror stories we've been bombarded with through the years. Hopefully nothing like that on your end. Best your way.